Sara Blenkhorn

The problems we face today are bigger than what any one group can go at alone, yet people continue to work in silos. When doing so, it’s hard to see the whole frame and how things are connected and interrelated. It is hard to share lessons, avoid duplication of work, and create solutions beyond a small group of people. When attempting to create the change necessary to tackle large, shared issues, we face barriers of scale, time, resources, space for trial and error, accountability and momentum.

I address these barriers.

I invent and co-create solutions using social innovation and peer-to-peer relations. I have an uncanny ability to know who to connect to and when; I find ways of working across silos and building collaborations that are in service to a wider agenda.

After exposure, at a young age, to extreme poverty and environmental destruction, while living in places like Tanzania, Mexico, Cuba, and Guatemala, I dedicated my life’s work to creating solutions that address environmental degradation and social injustices.

With over eight years of program development and management, I lead from behind allowing people to shine in their respective areas, I make space for new ideas and contributions in a way that welcomes all skills and talents to step up. I’ve been described by my team as empathetic, sharp, heart-centred, magnetic, strong, tireless, flexible, energetic, accommodating with insatiable curiosity and a willingness to take risks.

Over the last five years, I’ve built four successful programs for social enterprises to achieve their sustainability challenges using collective impact; Future Strategies, The Peer Mentor Exchange; The Leverage Lab; and Connect Vancouver.