Rose Buddha it’s us: Madeleine and Maxime, two young mothers yoginies in their souls that had the desire to create an eco-friendly company with the crazy goal to produce the perfect leggings​, no less!

To do so we have tried and tested an impressive range of leggings, made surveys with women of all shapes and sizes and style and studied the market.

The result? We can offer a product totally eco-friendly, made from 83% recycled plasticbottles​, breathable, comfortable and ultra-flattering for any figure.

Each piece has been carefully designed by our artist in residence Emilie​, which was inspired by the yogic and Buddhist universe. We can say that every pair is a little work of art to wear.

As it was important for us to reduce our ecological footprint, we have worked hard to keep our production in Montreal​ and partnering with local artisans. We can proudly say that the Buddha Rose products are created and assembled in Quebec since 2016.

Maxime​: I am a mother, yoga teacher, actress and vegan recidivist. I am interested in everything related to creativity, good healthy food without limiting myself to a strict lifestyle. Balance, movement and fun are the words that guide my life.

Madeleine​: Mother of 4 children, I’m always on the run! I (regularly) need to jump into a pair of leggings to go to day care, shopping and of course, practice yoga, MY time for me!Joy, love and simplicity are the words that guide my life.

Rose Buddha is the perfect for leggings for the art of living!​ The result of a rigorous research with women of all ages, shapes and styles, its Repreve fabric allows maximum breathing while being truly flattering. Our exclusive elastic system on the back allows you to fold the waist band on your hips (without unwanted folds), while avoiding the creation of a gap in the back when bending forward. Especially soft and totally fashion. Surely perfect!