This is the 3rd time we will be having Rimpy Sahota join us for Eco Fashion Week! As a Canadian women’s wear designer, Rimpy Sahota finds her true passion in exploring her unique vision through her various designs and collections. Devoting the majority of her time to forecasting, buying, and designing, as well as constantly finding inspiration through the European arts and history, Rimpy specializes in feminine, free-flowing designs and silhouettes. Rimpy understands the female body and designs based upon the fact that every woman differentiates in body shape. 

Focusing on women’s ready-to-wear garments with just the right amount of fashion-forward appeal in her classic and refined designs, Rimpy’s garments are suitable for the everyday, fashionable woman. Expressing their creator’s strong values of natural beauty, each one of Rimpy’s designs remain consistent in their reflection of quality and authenticity, often including pleats, darts and slits.  In creating this confident and spontaneous look, Rimpy pays close attention to each aspect of her designs, focusing on a variety of color palettes such as: creams, ivories and blacks but also more vibrant colors such as yellows, and teals. 

Her collections are curated for the independent and sophisticated woman to feel her best.

Rimpy’s desire and passion coupled with her expertise, skills and experiences have allowed her to fully express her creative soul through her imaginative collections.

Due to Rimpy’s strong attention to detail, she is able to control all sides of production with all garments designed and manufactured in Canada.