Paul King

KenDor Textiles, founded in 1953, was named after Ken and Dorothy Gregson. The conception of the company in the context of a family is representative of our commitment to quality service, building relationships, and integrity. This attitude has always been central to our business philosophy.

The company was established in order to provide fabric stores with quality products at very competitive prices. From the outset, KenDor has had an immediate impact on the market. Offering a wide range of fabrics at affordable prices helps foster current designers and recent customers.

Now, in his 33rd year with the company, Paul King has stepped in to guide KenDor accenting our specialty of recycled PET yarnseco-friendly fibressustainable growth, and sourcing. Paul has worked his way up through KenDor over the decades, starting at the age of 21 and slowly progressing through different positions within the company. The industry has changed immensely over this period, and Paul’s experience has helped cultivate KenDor into the innovator in the marketplace that it is today.