Basic CMYK

Our mantra is I AM LOVE, which is about coming from that place of Love in all the facets of our lives. How that manifests in our business is three parts. Do what is right for the Earth, People and Spirit. For the Earth we source the most sustainable fabrics we can. The textile industry is the second largest contributor to toxic waste on our planet. For the People, we employ ethical manufacturing whether that be locally in Vancouver or in a Fair Trade factory in a developing country. There are currently an estimated 35 million slaves in the world; men, women and children. The garment industry has relied heavily on forced labour and no longer is it okay for someone to suffer so that we can have the luxuries we’ve become accustomed to. For Spirit, we put a label in each piece of clothing that says I AM LOVE. This acts as a reminder to come from this place in your own life. How you speak to yourself as you are getting dressed in the morning, how you treat loved ones and strangers, how your choices impact the planet and how mindful you are as you go about your day so that you become an agent of Love too. As we journey through life it is important to stay connected to your Spirit. Do not lose this connection as you strive for happiness, success or even to be more mindful.