Kathy Hattori

kathy_hattoriKathy Hattori is the founder and President of Botanical Colors and markets natural dyes to artisans and industrial clients seeking the sustainable natural color palette. Ms. Hattori is a recognized authority on natural dyes and pigments and commercial applications using natural dyes and has worked in the field since 2003.

She developed numerous commercial processes using natural dye extracts in the industrial textile environment. She consults and advises companies on their natural dye implementation strategies and has worked with the largest natural dye houses in the US. Her international experience includes creating a natural dye program for the largest organically certified tannery in Europe implementing large-scale natural dye programs. Kathy has consulted and advised a number of retail brands and was awarded a USDA VAPG grant in 2013 for natural dye research.

In 2016, Botanical Colors was named a Sustainability Leadership Award finalist by Sustainable Seattle. Kathy teaches and lectures about natural dyes and is sought after as a speaker about the status of natural dyes in global textile production.