Karen Storry

Karen Storry is a Senior Project Engineer with Metro Vancouver’s Zero Waste Implementation team. Her role includes researching the economic and technical feasibility of recycling different materials found in the region’s trash. In 2016 Metro Vancouver announced they were looking into the feasibility of a textiles disposal ban for the region. Subsequently, Karen started looking into the local and global
systems for reuse and recycling of textiles. What she found will surprise you. Did you know that 4.3% of the region’s garbage is textiles? That is 79 million pounds a year of textile waste. And an estimated 42 million lbs (17 pounds per person) of that is apparel. Karen is excited to share with the fashion community what she has learned about the local and global reuse and recycling systems. But even more so, she is excited to have a conversation about where the opportunities are in the system for conscious designers and brands. Together, we can stop good fashion from going to waste.