BELLANTONI is a sustainable and cruelty-free womenswear label that reveals an artistic approach to sustainable design. All of our garments are made in Canada, and only fabrics that have little impact on the environment are used for production. We believe that sacrificing the well-being of animals, the environment and the people who work hard to produce our clothing is unsustainable, unethical and unnecessary. We can still make awesome clothing in ethical and ecologically responsible ways!

We use high quality fabrics of various types, including Oeko-tex Standard 100 certified fabrics, GOTS-certified organic cotton, Tencel®, end of the roll fabrics (dead stock) and recycled/vintage materials. Because animals are dear to our hearts, we would never kill or hurt an animal for the use of their fur or skin, nor inhumanely source byproducts of animals of any species. In order to reduce our environmental footprint, we keep all of our fabric scraps and make them into pet beds for local animal shelters.