Jason Pillay is commonly recognized for his eccentric, innovative and empowering mix-match on personal style. By constantly stepping outside of his comfort zones and his love for experimenting with different colors, textures and out of the ordinary elements, he has sharpened himself into a connoisseur of interpreting and understanding various individual styles. Born in Edmonton, AB and raised in Vancouver, BC, Jason brings an unconventional flare to the Vancouver district. Graduating with a degree in Fashion, while simultaneously dipping his toes into the fashion scene, Jason has enthralled in creative styling for socialites, artists, music videos, celebrities, editorials, magazines, runways and much more. He also works in the costume department of Vancouver’s thriving film industry. Along with all his major achievements, Jason has traveled and attended New York Fashion Week and most recently took a trip to Los Angeles to further pursue his dreams. Notably he has an unremitting devotion to supporting the local fashion scene and juggling between all his roles as a stylist. With an enormous passion to be diverse in all areas of his entrepreneur business, Jason ensures to keep his days full of activity and poles apart every day.