About Eco Fashion Week

Established in Vancouver, BC in 2010, Eco Fashion Week (EFW) has successfully showcased 11 editions featuring over 150 of designers and stylists from around the globe. As a not-for-profit organization, EFW aims to present the solutions and innovations working to develop a more responsible fashion industry. The sustainable fashion spectrum is diverse and multifaceted, as it considers the environment, the working conditions, the supply chain as well as responsible consumption practices. At EFW, we call this the Eco Recipe. In short, an Eco Recipe is individualistic and speaks to the ways companies, brands and individuals practice sustainability.

  • 2009 Vancouver, Canada
  • First event 2010
  • Launched in Seattle November 2016
  • Seasons to date: 11 in Vancouver, 1 in Seattle
  • Annual Spring event held in Vancouver, and Fall event held in Seattle
  • More than 150 designers showcased to date
  • More than 50 showroom participants to date
  • Runway shows, fashion showcases, showrooms and panel discussions
  • Past speakers include: Sass Brown, Value Village, Levi’s, John Fluevog, Eileen Fisher, Ford Motors and more.

EFW key messaging

  • EFW’s mission is to bring together the movers and shakers of the industry to change the way we consume, design and discuss fashion, apparel and textile.
  • EFW believes that through education, innovation and collaboration, we can create a healthier fashion industry.
  • EFW chooses to work with companies and brands, big or small, if they are ready to work on the sustainability of their brand. We work with no judgement, anger or guilt.
  • EFW is proud of its long-term partnerships with Value Village, La Biosthétique and The Fairmont Waterfront. These partnerships have allowed for EFW to grow and have more impact on the direction of the industry.
  • EFW believes everybody has their own “Eco Recipe”, dependent on the individual’s resources. Whether it’s shopping second-hand, or using only natural fibers; decreasing water waste or changing labour practices, everyone has their way of being “eco”.

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