There is no limit to human ingenuity and creative thought. This is especially evident in the always-innovative, always-evolving fashion industry.

Bringing in more than a trillion a year in revenue, one might wonder what it takes to make it so successful. As it turns out, quite a lot: the resources of healthy ecosystems—fresh water, clean air, robust biodiversity, productive land—and the stability of just societies. So as the third most environmentally damaging industry in the world, one might also wonder what its fashion leaders are doing to promote the kind of sustainability necessary for their long-term viability. Well, Myriam Laroche did too.

Celebrating its 9th season, Eco Fashion Week (EFW) is informing and inspiring the fashion-conscious, and sustainable-minded, alike, in a way that harmonizes beauty and the environment. After all, innovation in fashion — the future of chic — is inextricably linked to innovation in, well, sustainability.

Through our speaker seminars, industry panels, and, of course, our dynamic, collaborative, and award winning fashion shows, we invite you to provoke and perpetuate our collective desire for a thriving world. We promise you won’t be alone: global VIP guests, buyers, designers, stylists, photographers, and media, are attending EFW and it’s no wonder we’ve ditched the hippie stigmas and sartorial visions of sustainability and fashion, left, right, and centre stage. So if you’re looking for granola and hemp, you’ll have to check the snack bar.

And while you may only see us twice a year, know that we are continually, and feverishly, provoking, challenging, and propelling all aspects of the fashion industry, towards ensuring solutions that balance ecology, society, and culture.


The EFW team fully embodies the values and aesthetics of Eco Fashion Week’s mission: present the industry with sustainable innovations in fashion, and build the capacity within our audience to ensure that consumer values, intentions, and actions, are always aligned.

We are a diverse group of artists, designers, producers, thinkers, strategists, and visionaries; and together, we are global citizens who believe that true style, and a commitment to making the world a better place, are by no means mutually exclusive. Alas, we are also pragmatists; we realize that perfection doesn't exist. There are still so many questions and not enough answers.

So, we look to collaborate with organizations, brands, or designers who encourage people to examine, explore, and question the world around them, in an accessible, engaging way. It’s through this multi-disciplinary approach to fashion we form the essence of Eco Fashion Week’s value system. Integrity is the core of our being; our team intrinsically believes, that by educating, supporting, and promoting sustainability, from process to product – sourcing, design, production, distribution, purchase, and use – we can create a space that transforms personal responsibility to global change.